Combining businesses in the wood and furniture industries enables a strong community to be established. Some areas of the wood industry complement each other so members can be part of an economic unit through joint co-operation. Cluster members can count on each other’s expertise, joint projects can start and new business opportunities can appear to them.


  • Common product and technology development
  • Encouraging and active participation in the development of joint investments
  • Encouraging domestic and international cluster collaboration
  • Strengthening and extending partnerships between cluster members at national and international level
  • Matchmaking


The core objective of the cluster is to enable members to retain their competitiveness and renew to meet the demand. Development has a major role,in the furniture industry because technological and social changes made the needs special. Research is essential to achieve greater market sements, to support cost-effective production, designing and development of marketable, eco-friendly products.


  • Investing projects, common R & D & I activities
  • Domestic and international benchmarking activities
  • Finding and adapting best practices


Nowadays, lifelong learning is a basic requirement, the cluster provides help by management competence and employees’ trainings for the member organizations.


  • Exploring and transferring the professional competences and the products of cluster members
  • Creating cluster strategy
  • Demand analysis and satisfaction monitorng
  • Organizing lectures
  • Organizing technical courses
  • Organizing trainings


Today’s great challenge is to adapt to market conditions in the constantly changing environment. The cluster can be a catalyst here.


  • Common market actions, analysis and research
  • Online cluster presence (website, social platforms), cluster marketing
  • ​Regular newsletter with relevant content
  • ​Participation on national and international events, exhibitions, organization of study trips, cluster representation in professional forums


The introduction of proposal writing and project management is an for companies is an important objective in order to explore the financing possibilities of creative ideas and innovation activities and the practical implementation. We provide free basic advice information and we help cluster members to write proposals.


  • Monitoring domestic and international tender oppurtunities, public procurements
  • Proposal writing and full project management
  • ​Searching for financial solutions