Due to the fierce economic competition and the escalating innovative expectations, the cooperation provided by a cluster is becoming more and more important. Cluster: group, pile, conglomeration. In other words: association, unity, collaboration, cooperation.

The mission of FALCO Szombathely Furniture Cluster is to cooperate as a network between wood and furniture manufacturing companies, research institutes, professional organizations and trade organizations, to support the innovation capability of the wood industry and furniture industry and to provide the highest level of supplier responsibility.

Bearing in mind the companies' social responsibility, it supports the members in contributing to sustainable economic development. This will achieve business success that respects ethical values, legal conditions, and the needs of all stakeholders in the company's operation. The cluster aims to answer the challenges of the economy and society. Its activities include the development and complexation of the furniture industry's raw materials, finished products, services, and the enforcement of synergy effects among the companies joining the cluster. It intends to improve the innovation ability of furniture companies and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and the implementation of joint projects. The cluster supports the joint marketing activities of members and the development and operation of an informative system between them. By introducing new foreign markets, it also develops companies and reveal new possible relationships.

Why is cluster good for you?

  • Expanding business relationships
  • Larger market
  • Easier access to recent informations
  • Participation in common competitions
  • Become more succesful
  • The complete range of FALCO and Kronospan board raw metarial required for production is availible at the location
  • Flexibility in material supply can lead to significant savings


  • Thanks to the division of labor between members, the productivity of businesses is improving
  • The beneficial exchange of knowledge and information
  • Growing incomes
  • Increasing competitiveness on the business fields
  • Improving employment
  • Increasing competitiveness on the region

Cluster goals


We want to develop a cluster with competitive and strong internal cohesion on the domestic and on the international markets as well that are clearly positioned, consciously-highly utilized and continuously reviving. Also we want to create a strategic alliance that provides a highly organized market growth opportunity.


We establish partnership-based cooperation between educational institutions, research facilities and members of the cluster. The network-based organization serves the needs of the members and offers possible answers to the challenges of the economy. By generating the framework of the project, we create an innovation impulsive environment.


It is important to improve the revenue-generating capacity of the participants, as a significant profit can be achieved by the sharing of capacities, with the appearing network flexibility and the achieved cost sharing of economic growth. We want to unite the resources of the previously isolated businesses permanently and help them to maintain their competitiveness and their acces to international markets.


By strengthening economic cooperation, joint development, production and market access activities and supporting knowledge transfer, we wish to increase the competitiveness of our members.


Competitiveness can only be sustained in the long term through cooperation and joint development. With the Cluster, we want to strengthen the relationship of the suppliers and producers between the big enterprise and the small and medium-sized undertakings. In the future, we would like SMEs to reach the critical mass that can make their development more cost-effective and stabilize their capacity utilization. Due to the necessity of business, the cluster combines the members' resources for the common (further) development, technology, production, and market introduction improvement of certain products so they will be able to appear on the international market and fill market gaps.